I had a few messages from friends after a funeral home released an obituary for Steven Bradley, Todd and I took some time to chat about that this week. Listen below.

How Will Your Obituary be Read?

Do you ever wonder how you will be remembered? Sometimes I wonder how aware I am of what my reputation is and it’s probably not until we’re faced with our own mortality that we put thought into it. Check out Alfred’s story below.

Maybe you’ve heard of a man named Alfred Nobel a Swedish inventor who created dynamite. In 1888 Alfred’s brother Ludvig passed away but a French newspaper thought it was Alfred who died and the headline of his obituary led with “The merchant of death is dead”.

Some believe that this was the beginning of Alfred’s desire to change how he will be remembered by creating The Nobel Peace Prize. The merchant of death would become the merchant of peace.

I could tell you I know what The Nobel Peace Prize is but I wouldn’t have been able to share with you who created dynamite, so if it was Alfred’s desire to change how people remembered him, mission accomplished.

A great reminder it’s never too late to change how your obituary will be read!    

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