American Idol, Pageant Queen

0:50 – The Doors American Idol opened

2:05 – Jasmine’s panic attack

Connecting with Jasmine

I don’t know Jasmine but I have talked with her few times for work and I have to admit I may have had some preconceived ideas of what she would be like before we talked, I mean pageant queen right? I know, I’m super judgey (I’m a work in progress) but despite my narrow mindedness Jasmine became one of my favourite CCM artists, her vocals are off the charts good and she is KIND, her openness with her anxiety made her relatable to so many and her song “Fearless” is a reminder of why music is the most powerful medium of communication.

Jasmine finished in 12 place on American Idol and a link to her hit single “Fearless” can be found below.

Todd Gale, Jasmine Murray & myself at the Dove Awards.

Jasmine Murray Fearless

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