One on One with Mel Chancey

One of the Baddest men in Chicago Former Hells Angels President

Mel Chancey joined me on the Get-Up & Go Show to talk about his his journey from a life of violence, women and needing security to go out, listen in to his journey of finding Jesus how he has and encourages others to move from their past.

Mel’s Story Part 1 – Who is Mel Chancey
Mel’s Story Part 2 – Finding Jesus and moving on from your past.

Connecting with Mel.

I get inspired by hearing the stories of how God has transformed someone’s life. It actually energizes me, so naturally, I’m on the lookout for people who have had experiences to share, in hopes that it will do the same for you.

As I was scrolling through YouTube I came across a bodybuilder, Mel Chancey, who was sharing his testimony on a podcast.  My mind was blown at what I was hearing, ex Hells Angles, jail time, strip clubs, Jesus (oh and Hulk Hogan too). How have I not heard of this guy before? 

Nervously, I sent my request for an interview over Instagram.  Mel and I connected over the phone and we did the interview that day on the spot. To my shock Mel told me I was the first Christian outlet to reach out to him for his testimony.  Pardon me?

Over the past few months as I have gotten to know Mel and one thing has been abundantly clear, Mel wants to share his faith l!  He does this weekly with his 70k Instagram followers using a devotional book Hulk Hogan gave him.  You will find him sharing his story to thousands of people on podcasts and one on one with those he mentors.   However, be prepared, after only one interaction  Mel has a way to make you feel like you’re family, you’re a friend. Everyone eats at the Chancey household and one day it could be you. 

If you would like to connect Mel, you can find him @melchancey316

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