My wife Jenny was prompted to pray for someone but she wasn’t expecting what God was asking her for. I shared her story on the morning show.

Bible Verse I’m Pondering

Love should be shown without pretending.

Romans 12:9

What have I been enjoying on LIFE 100.3

Even At My Worst by Blanca has been hitting me particularly hard. It’s no secret that Blanca has had a painful marriage which ended in divorce, The former Group One Crew member also had to deal with the grief of losing both her parents, she thought God would turn his back on her and be disappointed but what she got instead was grace and love when see needed it the most. This song came out of the season.  


  1. This is beautiful, Steve. I missed this when it was shared on Life. Though I did hear this morning about the chocolate stash in the big black pot. God bless Jenny for allowing these stories to be a part of the morning show. This is very touching for Jenny to pray for the lady and then God prompting her to talk and pray with her. And to have that pair of shoes in her car. That is so cool.

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