Last week you gave me lot’s of helpful ideas when my wife’s van broke down, I thought it was the battery but after I brought a new one and it died 24 hours later I wasn’t so sure.

As Todd pointed out maybe I was just lacking a bit of positivity and what you know he was right!

Bible Verse I’m pondering

 I wish those who are so willing to cut your bodies would complete the job by cutting themselves off from you.

Galatians 5:12

This is a great reminder that we need to read the verse before and after 🙂 By the way, Paul was referring to those who were preaching that you needed to be circumcised to be a Christian.

Paul was clearly frustrated by those who were preaching a false gospel and making his job harder. I wonder how many pastors can relate to how Paul was feeling? There are a lot of wacky ideas out there today.

Pray for your pastor.

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