More than a wrestler

If you’re a wrestling fan you are going to love our chat with the Million Dollar Man but if that’s not your deal you can check the topics below and fast forward to what you want to hear.

0:15 How close was your wrestling character The Million Dollar Man to

3:20 How did your marriage survive adultery?

5:11 Did the kid know you were going to kick the basketball away? (Wrestling fans will know why I asked this).

Fun Fact

Both Todd and I loved hearing Ted say our names.


  1. Going through your blog Steve, and I guess I missed this one. What a great interview and testimony. I don’t have cable now, but I used to watch wrestling when it was the WWF. Lots of great memories. My faves were Brett and Owen Hart and Jake the Snake Roberts. Ted Dibiase was a bad guy…lol. A great testimony in the interview of God’s goodness as Ted Dibiase walked through the reconciliation process with his wife. Thank you for sharing. 🙏

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    1. Thanks for the kind words, Ted was really generous with his time, I don’t watch anymore either but when Ted tried to buy the championship from Hulk it nearly broke my heart. I thought Hogan might do it! Lol

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