On April 26th the Get Up & Go Show celebrated it’s one year anniversary, so much excitement, everything was brand new. I was wide-eyed and nervous and all the feels of walking into the station for the first time started coming back this week.  Did I ever tell you Woody from the “Breakfast Club” was my favourite on LIFE (Sorry AJ The Wonder Dog) and now I was in his spot on the morning show, it was sweet!

I not sure if I told you this story or not, but on day one of the show, I think it was about 6:10am, Todd and I just finished a break (a break is when we do the talking) and I felt like I wanted to throw up.  I wasn’t sure at that moment if I was going to make it.  Steve Jones, who is the operations manager of the station, must have seen my face.  I tried to give Steve words of comfort by telling him I was ok, “I know I look like I want to puke but I’m good”.  I was lying so bad (I don’t think I meant to lie) but I did. (sorry).

I’ve had so many great moments on the show (like calling Trump Tower) and many of them have come off the air with you, the listeners.  I couldn’t believe how many people call the station and share their story with us, and give us the opportunity to pray.  It’s really humbling.

Over the past year I’ve learned a lot from the leadership at LIFE; from not having closed-door meetings, because closed doors make others feel nervous or insecure (this is so practical and good for staff) to making sure every time your mic is on your “smiling”, the difference is very noticeable.  Next time you listen to the radio you’ll be able to tell if the DJ is smiling or not!  But the hardest adjustment has been not having a seat at the table. When it came to church ministry, especially youth ministry, I could take the lead in every area of the church and provide leadership, and do it well.  Coming to the radio I don’t have a sweet clue what I’m talking about and the need to rely on others has, at times, been very humbling. It’s another testament to the leadership at LIFE. The station operates at such a high level because it’s team-oriented and goal driven, requiring everyone to do their part.

The Bible talks about how the body of Christ works,  although it has many parts it’s part of one body.  The station is an example of how that is lived out.  I’m grateful to be a part of something that is healthy and hardworking.

The Get-Up & Go Show turned one this week and I’m looking forward to more birthday celebrations with you!

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