Every year as I entered a new season as a youth pastor, my youth district guy Jeremy Albrecht would encourage us to pray and ask God for a theme. A theme that would guide and direct what we would teach throughout the year. Every year, without fail, I would be amazed how that theme would fit the needs of my students.

I know it’s Christmas and this is the time that we reflect on the past year and what God has done but I wanna look forward! Even though I am not a youth pastor anymore I still want to pray and ask God for a theme for my family. It didn’t come right away but when it did it was clear. “Just do it“.

I realize this slogan belongs to the shoe company, however it’s right where I’m at with my walk with God and feels so right. When I look at God’s word it seems like God gives me an action for every season of my live, check it out…You want to prosper in your life? You need refreshing? Then be someone that is generous and refreshes others as Proverbs 11:25 says and you will prosper and be refreshed! Maybe you’re in a season of feeling alone, attacked, restless and your wishing God would step in and fight your battles for you. Then be still Exodus 14:14, leave what is nagging you with God (for real, leave it with him) just as God’s word says and watch him take care of you.

God gives us the blueprints for every season of our lives, we kinda just need to do what it says, make 2018 the year we JUST DO IT!





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