Every morning when we sign on to the Get up and Go Show the plan going in is to #speakLIFE, to encourage our audience while they get up and drive into work.  The music and stories we share all point us to God and because of that LIFE100.3 has a connection with it’s audience that no other radio station can provide.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has come up to us to tell us that a story we shared helped them get through a difficult time. Just a few weeks ago someone had posted a story Todd shared on their desk to remind them not to let other people rob them of the time God has given them.  Listeners call the morning show on a daily basis to ask for prayer and look for support, I’m not sure I would’ve thought to call a radio station for support, however our listeners feel that connection.  There’s a connection that’s deeper then music,it’s the message behind it. The message #speaksLIFE (wait, I’m starting to sound like Scott Jackson).

One of the things I loved about being a pastor was having one on one conversations with people.  It didn’t matter if it was helping people dig out their God given talents or helping them though a struggle they were facing.  I loved watching people leave my office with a sense of purpose.   There’s something about #speakingLIFE into people that can change their outlook and when their outlook changes so does the outcome!

Check out what the Bible has to say! 

Proverbs 12:25  A person’s anxiety will weigh him down but an encouraging word makes him joyful.


Proverbs 15:4  A word of encouragement heals the one who receives it, but a deceitful word breaks the spirit.

As a guy who has made a living on a microphone I can tell you don’t need one to #speakLIFE, but you do need a few things.

  1. Willingness to see other people.  You will be surprised at what you see when you pay attention to those around you!
  2. Be nice, don’t judge and #speakLIFE   

Deep stuff, I know, BUT I guarantee you 100% when you help someone change their outlook their outcome will change. THAT will give you more fulfilment then any thing you’ve experienced and, who knows, you may just find purpose in that job your struggling to go to everyday!




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